Raise Your Voices for Ranked Choice Voting!

Don’t know your district? Find my elected officials

Current list is for Montgomery County and Balitmore City delegations. Select “Other” to manually enter an email address.

Sample Message: I want better elections for my community and to make sure all voices are heard. It’s time for Ranked choice voting — a proven voting method to give voters a stronger voice and ensure majority rule.

Include bill number:

  • Baltimore City: HB26
  • Montgomery County: MC29-19

Contact Your Legislator Today!

Ranked choice voting bills moving through the Maryland General Assembly have scheduled hearings/votes within the Baltimore City and Montgomery County delegations, respectively.

Send a message to your legislator to urge them to support HB 26 (Baltimore City) and MC 29-19 (Montgomery County).

After you send an email, make a call to your delegation too!

Baltimore City
1-800-492-7122 ext. 3255

Montgomery County
1-800-492-7122 ext. 3018

Hearing Details

Baltimore City
Friday, February 1
9 AM
301 House Office Building
145 HOB Delegation Meeting Room
Annapolis, MD 21401

Montgomery County
Education, Elections, and Housing Committee
Friday, February 1
12 PM
Room 218 Lowe House Office Building
Annapolis, Maryland

Sample Social Media Post

Let’s give local leaders the ability to improve our elections! Say YES to #RankedChoiceVoting! #RaiseYourVoices #RankYourChoices @rcvformaryland