Raise Your Voices for Ranked Choice Voting!

Sample Message: I want better elections for my community and to make sure all voices are heard. The Montgomery County Delegation unanimously supports enabling better voting methods. I understand its important to examine HB624 fully, please support a summer study for voting methods.

Contact Your Legislator Today!

We have a chance to empower our local leaders to use better voting methods!

Send a message to your legislator to urge them to support a summer study for HB 624 (enabling voting methods for Montgomery County elections).

After you send an email, make a call to the committee too!

Ways & Means Committee
Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3469

Sample Social Media Post

Let’s give local leaders the ability to improve our elections! Support a summer study for HB624 #RankedChoiceVoting! #RaiseYourVoices #RankYourChoices @rcvformaryland

Montgomery County wants #BetterElections! Support a summer study for HB624 #RaiseYourVoices #RankYourChoices @rcvformaryland